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Holmes Head To Washington

“Time Spent with Family Is Time Well Spent” is the quote stenciled on the entrance wall of the Florence Dental Clinic. To that end, Tammy and I have decided that we want to follow that advice, and we will be moving to Washington to be closer to our kids. 

We moved to Florence in 2000 with our two young children, Royce and McKenna. Our goal was that we wanted to become involved in supporting Western Lane County, and we feel that we have met that goal. We have been able to provide needed no-cost dental care to thousands of K-6 grade students through our Mobile Dental Van projects, and I don’t believe that there is a local non-profit, school project, sports team, or community fundraiser that we have not supported through donations or direct involvement. We realize that without community trust and the support of our Dental Practice none of this would have occurred.

Without community support, the International Dental Projects in Ecuador, Grenada West Indies (through our 501(c)3 Spice Isle Smiles), and Nicaragua would not have been possible.

I have mentioned to patients on many occasions that even after 31 years of practicing dentistry, I am still humbled that when I bring a mirror towards them, they open their mouth. That trust is not lost on me. Even though I have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education and have invested in new technologies, not every procedure has been 100% successful. But, I can leave the Florence Dental Clinic knowing that I have been honest, and I have provided  high quality, comprehensive, and conservative dental treatment. To those who have entrusted me to provide that care, thank you. To those who have befriended me and my family, thank you. 

As we move to Washington and I continue practicing there, I know that there are so many amazing people in Florence, Mapleton, and the surrounding communities that I will miss. I plan to continue providing dental care and our humanitarian efforts long into the future as I enjoy what I do, and I know the need for care is great in Grenada. 

I have been truly blessed to have worked with two amazing and very skilled dentists, Justin Linton and Travis Alcorn, as well as incredible hygienists, dental assistants, and front office managers. I would be ungrateful if I did not give a nod to Colleen Lee who has been working chairside with me for 23 years. She has volunteered to work with me every time we provided school-based dental care in Mapleton. She has more empathy than anyone I know. 

I hope that you will continue to support Florence Dental Clinic, as I know that Dr. Linton and Dr. Alcorn will continue our legacy of community support and involvement. Florence may be a “City in Motion”, but to me, Florence will always be considered the “Community that Volunteers.” Thank you for your encouragement, support, and example of doing good. This community will always hold a special place in our hearts.

My dear friend Jean Christensen wrote the following words that I have tried to follow: “Ultimately, I sense I have only mattered if I mattered to someone else. I have only been whole when I have divided myself among those who needed me. I have only stood tall when I have stooped to help those that needed lifting or reached to attain the heights of those above me. I have really known all along that what the Savior said is true. I would really never find myself until I lost myself in serving others.”


Tammy and Brian Holmes


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